About us


Just a click away from your shot of joy a day

Shot of Joy is an Amsterdam based independent magazine, both online and print.
Shot of Joy wants to inspire, tell stories about people we met and places we visited.
Make you try that one cocktail we like ourselves or that new recipe we love.
To be touched by the ‘vintage moments’-pages on our site.
To be amazed by the ‘secret places’, that we spent time ourselves and share with you.
We wat to give you a moment away from it all by flipping through our magazine.

The first Issue of Shot of Joy was launched in 2015 in the Netherlands.
The second Issue wil be in stores starting December 2016 and will be distributed internationally.

Shot of Joy is made by a team of professional journalists, magazine editors, photographers, stylists, illustrators and marketeers, with their roots in magazines.

Contact E-mail: info@shotofjoy.com SHOT OF JOY, Keizersgracht 174, 1016 DW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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