Our third Issue is out!

Our Love First Issue of Shot of Joy Magazine is here! Order it here, or look for our points of sale on the site.

In this third issue we celebrate Love. We need it more than ever before. Even if it might sound like a slightly worn out theme, how else can we break out from the negative spiral of disrespect and accusation that is consuming our society? Foul language and aggression set the scene for public discussion. Convinced of our right to the freedom of speech, we have become blind to the vulnerability of others.

Love comes first! It’s time for old fashioned, unconditional and marvellous love. To surrender fully to one another, to our selves and to the beautiful diversity that colors our world.

Images by Karen Rosetzsky, Liselore Chevalier, Anna-Marie Janssen, Brenda van Leeuwen & Eric van den Elsen

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