Issue 3


Love First

We need love more than ever before. Even if it might sound like a slightly eroded theme, what else could get us out of the negative spiral of disrespect, insult and accusation our society is being sucked in. Deeper every day. Foul language and aggression, harassment determines the public discussion. Convinced of our right to freedom of speech, we become more and more blind to the vulnerability of the other. Lot’s of no’s, a scarce yes. No winners, only losers.

In this third issue of Shot of Joy we get inspired by an intimate love of photographer Danique van Kesteren and musician Bart van Dalen. We fall in love with the simplicity and kindness of the deep south of Italy. We are being blown away by the passionate love of Rock & Royalty couple Bella Hay and her Spike. We travel France during summer, take the long way home and marvel over unknown places and unexpected encounters. And we get touched by the unconditional love of fashion designer Anja Koops for her three sons and their father, her long time lover.

So, love first! It’s time for old fashioned, unconditional and marvelous love. Time to surrender to one another, to our distressed selves and to the beautiful diversity that colors our world.

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