Vintage moments

We all have them. Old family photos, often hidden in a box. That black and white pic of granny when she was young, wild and free. Or that one of you as a tot on your father’s knee. Dear and moving photos telling little stories of our past. We love to share these vintage moments with you and invite you to share yours too! Send a favourite photo plus the short story behind it to and we will publish it on our website.


My grandmother Ammy must be about 20 years old in this picture. The pictures are taken on a weekend away, with friends and my grandfather, the love of her life. A year later she will be expecting my mother. Her happiness will have a short term. Nine months after the birth of my mom, her father dies in an accident, leaving Ammy as a young widow. You feel the silence on the pages in my mothers baby album, where the scribbling around the pictures stops abruptly. Despite everything, my grandmother keeps up her high spirit and wonderful sense of humor for the rest of her life. I still miss her in my life. Posted by Marie Nanette

La boulangere

My parents (26 and 32 years old at the time) driven by passion, quality and hunger for adventure, bought an old boulangerie in the region of Entre deux mers, in the small village of Cesac. My father became the best baker of the region. My mother was called la boulangere hollandaise and drove around in her small car to deliver les baguettes and gros pain. Not bad at all for Dutchies in La Douce France. Unfortunatly I’m not in this picture but my brother is. I wonder from who I inherited all my lust for life 😉 Merci papa en maman, je vous’aime! Posted by Judith Anna Pronk

Canal cruise

This picture of me and my father Dicky was made on a canal cruise in Amsterdam. I must have been 2 or 3 years old. This picture is very dear to me because he died a few years ago and I do not have many photos of him and me together. And certainly not of him holding me in his arms. My parents were not living together and I used to see him maybe twice a year. Short visits and off he was again. He lived a wild life with lots of drugs and rock ’n roll. In this picture he is cool but at the same time soft and sweet in the way he holds me. Posted by Wendie Hagen

Young and happy

“A few weeks ago my mother broke a leg and my father, sad enough, had to move to a hospital for early dementia. He has Alzheimer’s disease. At their house I searched for some old pictures to put on his wall. Then I found this sweet photo, taken during a trip to Spain in the seventies. You see my parents with my older brother Tim. I was moved by their obvious happiness in this picture. So recognizable since I have a young family myself now. And in such a big contrast with their current situation. This one will be on the wall for sure.”
Posted by Marjolein Mos

The boys

I was 64 years old when my husband died. Lonely times. My neighbours Jan and Andre became like family to me. It started with dinner party's. Soon after we would go on trips together with the three of us. This picture was taken on one of our trips to England and Ireland. We just visited a castle and took a little pause afterwards. It must be more then 20 years ago now. Sadly enough it was not only happy times. They both suffered from alcoholism and eventually died due to their addiction. This is the only picture I have of us together. We had so many good times. It is sad it had to end this way.
Posted by Dien La Croix

Up in the air

My mother as a stewardess in 1965. She hid the fact that she was scared of flying and bit her lip every take off. But she loved the travel. Flights were so rare at the time, that she would stay in a place for over a week before landing in Amsterdam again. She had to stop flying when she married my father, as all stewardesses had to be single at the time. Posted by Jan Willem Schaepman

Perfect days

There was an amusement park in our area. It had a rusty cable car, a stinky rowboat lake and a small zoo with only one exotic animal: a camel suffering from hair loss. Basic entertainment, but coalminer’s families had free admission. So we went there often and had obviously perfect days. Here I am, in 1959, with in my left hand my little brother and in my right a plastic bag with stale bread to feed the animals. In the back my young mother in a summery, homemade dress. She was incredible handy on the sewing machine. Even the slick bow I wear, came out of her hands. She looks a bit worried. No wonder. You see the empty baby wagon in the right? My brother just fled out of his pram, making his first steps.
Posted by Ad Fransen

Trip to Spitsbergen

The little boy in the picture is not me. And unfortunately the car is not my dad’s. It’s a picture made by my great-grandfather Robert Pander during one if his trips. I found this picture in an album called 'Croisière de luxe, Amsterdam – Spitsbergen – Amsterdam', dated 11 august 1927. I love the car and the way the little boy looks into the camera. The picture is 89 years old so if he is still alive, this little boy would be around 95 years old by now.
Posted by Pier van den Elsen

At the beach

On this picture you see my mother, the girl on the right, with her brother and sister. Just a lovely summerday at the beach. If you look closer, you see that my mother, uncle and aunt are all dressed up, they are even wearing shoes, while the other kids are running around almost naked. My mother has always been this neat. She was an always perfectly dressed up girl. The funny thing is she maried my dad, who would have definitely been one of the nudies in the picture!
Posted by Renske van der Ploeg

On a date

I love this picture because it looks like an old film-scene. The woman in the black and white striped dress is matching perfect with the old-timer. She is my mother and the man behind the wheel is my father. They must be having one of their early dates. My father being cool in his daddy's car.
Posted by Stephanie Pander

Party on the balcony

On this picture you see my father Dick (5) with his sister Joke (3) on the balcony of their home at the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. In the ’60 it was just an ordinary street with a bakery, a butcher and a bookstore. Nowadays this is the most exclusive shopping street with stores of high end brands as Chanel, Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Hard to imagine that my grandmother lived here with her six kids.
Posted by Charlie Dot